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Top Questions

Will I have privacy?
All residents have a bedroom within the home for more privacy. Residents are to share the furnished common areas respectfully.
Are pets allowed?
Although we love all pets, we might have members with potential allergies, so, unfortunately, we can’t allow people to bring pets with them. We want to make sure everyone can be happy in their communal home.
Can I add/remove furniture in my room?

All our properties come fully furnished in the common areas. Bedrooms come standard with basic furnishings, but depending on your preferences and length of stay, some modifications may be permitted.

Can I split the rent with my partner or a friend?
We do allow couples and friends to stay in our bigger rooms, ensuring there’s plenty of space for your needs and comfort. Please note that additional charges do apply.
Is there a designated space for work?
You have plenty of flexible workspace options to suit your mood and your requirements for the day.


What criteria do you use to evaluate potential renters?
We look for open-minded, considerate individuals who are looking for an opportunity to share a beautiful home with other exciting people.
Can I book long-term stays?
You can stay for as little as a month or several years. A long-term commitment might be a good option if you need a place for a while and wish to get a discounted rent.
Is it possible to arrive before the designated check-in time or stay past the check-out time?
You are allowed to check-in earlier if the room is ready. You may get in contact with us the day before you move in to coordinate. If you wish to check out late, you are free to use our communal areas.


Is it permissible to have visitors during the day/night?
You can of course invite your friends to the property, you are at home! However, you must coordinate so that everyone can see their friends without creating inconvenience. It is therefore necessary that you agree among yourselves on how to invite your friends. To invite up to two people during the day, you do not need to ask for permission from your community, but simply inform them; beyond two guests, you must speak about it and obtain the agreement of the community (in order not to disturb the peace of the other residents, you commit yourself not to receive more than 7 nights per month a third person, and your guests must spend the night in your private space and not in the common). Please note that the destination of the premises provides for an exclusive residential clause which prohibits any commercial or liberal activity.
Are kids allowed?
As this is essentially a working environment, our facilities aren’t baby-proofed or child-friendly. Having kids around can be a major distraction for other colivers and you. So, it’s a no.
Is it possible to request a change of room or apartment if I am not satisfied with the current one?
Of course. If a room is released and you want to move in, you will have the opportunity to pay the rent difference. We may also charge an additional room cleaning fee.
Can I smoke inside? How about vaping?
Smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the building. That includes all private and communal rooms, hallways, balconies, etc. If you choose to smoke, please make sure you do so away from the building entrance, and please make sure you dispose of cigarette butts properly.
Can I receive post/mail to the property?
Yes. We will provide updated info once you have moved in.
What is the policy on alcohol?
It’s your home, so feel free to enjoy a drink whenever you wish, so long as you are respectful of your housemates. If you want to party, make sure you do that away from the property.


Are the costs of utilities such as wifi, electricity, gas, and water included?
All utility bills, such as water, electricity and internet access, as well as cleaning of common areas are included in your rent.
Are all rooms furnished?
The common areas come fully furnished. Bedrooms are furnished with everything essential.


Are my belongings safe?
Even though we have been lucky that nothing has gone missing, we recommend to all our members to keep their valuable belongings in their rooms.
Does the building have security? What is done to make me feel safe?
We take your safety very seriously. The last thing we want is to have a reputation for not being a safe place to stay. You have people in the house practically 24 hours a day.